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Newest Luthier Tools

  • Dremel 100 Single-Speed Rotary Tool

    Dremel 100 Single-Speed Rotary Tool

    The Dremel 100 Series rotary tool offers single-speed simplicity for full-speed applications such as routing binding and purfling channels, saddle slots, inlays, soundholes and rosettes, clearing fret slots and other precision tasks.

  • The String Cleaner

    The String Cleaner

    Use The String Cleaner after playing to remove dirt, sweat, and grime to extend the life and tone of your strings. Simply insert between the strings and fretboard, clamp it closed, and run it the entire length of the neck.

    from $9.99
  • StewMac Stainless Steel Fretwire

    StewMac Stainless Steel Fretwire

    Our most popular fretwire sizes, now in stainless
    Everyone loves stainless for its durability and longevity, plus it's easy to work with.

    Get more miles between refrets
    Stainless steel frets are slow to wear or develop grooves, so you get smooth string bends for years longer. Some players hear a slightly brighter tone with stainless.

    Easier fret jobs
    Unlike traditional fretwire, you don't need to "overbend" stainless steel wire. Curve it to your fretboard radius, and it stays put. The frets fit their slots without popping up, so less fret leveling is required.

    from $7.38MIX + SAVE
  • Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Notched Fret Press Inserts

    Reseat a popped-up fret while leaving the strings on.

    from $12.99
  • Grobet Diamond Flexi-Files

    Grobet Diamond Flexi-Files

    A new and better flat file: strong, lightweight cutters that stay clean. The dot pattern of diamonds leaves room for material to fall away as it's removed.

    from $33.25