Luthier Tools

Over 800 tools for instrument work, including Essential Fretting Tools and our Basic Setup Kit. Everything you need to fix your guitar or build one from scratch, plus friendly Free Tech Support to help you do it!

Newest Luthier Tools

  • Blank Template

    Blank Template

    Crystal clear acrylic for making your own templates or clamping cauls.

  • ColorTone Fretboard Saver

    ColorTone Fretboard Saver

    An easy way to clean and condition your fingerboard in between string changes. Made from all natural vegetable and citrus oils. Your fingerboard will look clean, smooth, and restored (and it will smell good, too)!

  • Essential Supply Set for Ukulele Kit

    Essential Supply Set for Ukulele Kit

    All of the supplies you will need to assemble and finish your StewMac Ukulele Kit.

  • StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive

    StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive

    The original Sandvik Sharkskin hasn't been available in years. All of us covet the little scraps we have, and it's not uncommon to hear luthiers reminisce about using the stuff. After years of development, we have come up with a version that we think is equal to or better than the original!

    from $3.38
  • StewMac Safe Slot Nut Guard

    StewMac Safe Slot Nut Guard

    Stop your file before the slot’s too deep!

    from $20.70