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Newest Luthier Tools

  • Pickup and Control Cavity Routing Templates Complete Set

    Pickup and Control Cavity Routing Templates Complete Set

    Create perfectly shaped pickup cavities every time.

    $232.81SAVE $41.09
  • StewMac Tilt Router Base

    StewMac Tilt Router Base

    Precision routing at a whole new angle!
    Make challenging projects like tilting-back saddle slots and cutting binding ledges on a F5 mandolin peghead a snap with the new StewMac Tilt Router base.

  • StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    StewMac Adjustable Wrench

    There’s no monkeying around with these wrenches!

    from $10.24
  • StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    StewMac Anchor for Dremel

    Clamping a rotary tool directly to your bench is necessary when working with small guitar parts: buffing string nuts, detailing bridges, cutting truss rods to length, precise shaping of inlay work…the list goes on and on.

  • StewMac Chamfer Tool

    StewMac Chamfer Tool

    A specialty tool designed to put a clean chamfered edge on trimmed truss rods and machine thread screws. Use with light pressure in your hand drill.