StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive

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StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive 4" x 2.75" - Set of 2

4" x 2.75" - Set of 2

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StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive 1" Round - Set of 2

1" Round - Set of 2

Item # 1956
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StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive, Combo Set of 4

Combo Set of 4

Item # 1974
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StewMac Sharkskin Abrasive

About This Item

The original Sandvik Sharkskin hasn't been available in years. All of us covet the little scraps we have, and it's not uncommon to hear luthiers reminisce about using the stuff. After years of development, we have come up with a version that we think is equal to or better than the original!

Often called a "sandplate", these metal sanding sheets have extremely sharp teeth and are something between a file and a coarse riffler—fast wood removal without any deep scratches. This new Sharkskin is even better than the original because it's thinner (.014"), and easy to bend (only slightly stiffer than a playing card). The best part is, no sharks were harmed during the making of this product.

Approximately 400-grit, the StewMac Sharkskin can be bent, folded and cut into custom shapes and sizes for all kinds of guitar work:

  • Clean out old glue on a loose brace, just slide a slice of Sharkskin between the top and brace and sand away
  • Fold Sharkskin to create an angle for removing dried glue squeeze out in tight corners
  • Bend curves into Sharkskin for neck and heel profiling

1" Round Sharkskin was made at Dan Erlewine's special request. Dan uses Sharkskin and repair magnets to sand the hard to reach interiors of acoustic repairs. Just attach the 1" round Sharkskin to the magnet with double-stick tape. That magnet sands the inside, while a magnet controls it on the outside. It's easier to clean up dried glue without his arm jammed in the soundhole.

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