ColorTone Fretboard Saver


ColorTone Fretboard Saver

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ColorTone Fretboard Saver

About This Item

An easy way to clean and condition your fingerboard in between string changes. Made from all natural vegetable and citrus oils. Your fingerboard will look clean, smooth, and restored (and it will smell good, too)!

The ColorTone Fretboard Saver has a patented pump dispensing tip. With regular applications, the fingerboard will look revitalized, will be less likely to crack due to humidity changes, and will help to preserve the life of your instrument.

Whether you are a pro or a player, this pen is a great gift for yourself and your guitar.

Hold the pen against the wood and depress 10-12 times to start the flow, depress an additional 2-3 times as needed to finish the job.

Work from one end of the fingerboard to the other, allowing the oil to absorb in and loosen dirt and other buildup. Once you are done applying the pen to the fingerboard, go back over the entire board with a soft polishing cloth or mitten to remove any excess oil or grime.

0.5 oz. (15ml)

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