ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

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ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer Antique Gold

Antique Gold

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ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer Pale Gold

Pale Gold

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ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer Bright Gold

Bright Gold

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ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer Silver


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ColorTone Metallic Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

About This Item

Create your own goldtop, or silver guitar. ColorTone Metallic Aerosols are not hardware store colors: we've formulated these to match well-known guitar finishes.

3 shades of gold
Ever notice the way goldtops vary in color, depending on age and condition? Each is beautiful but different, so we offer three shades of gold:
Antique Gold This is the classic goldtop most people have in mind.
Pale Gold Lighter, slightly faded look of years in a pawn shop window.
Bright Gold Brilliant sparkle, like it just came from the factory.

Silver recreates the look of Fender's Inca Silver finish.

Use ColorTone Metallics as a base coat under transparent colors for classic finishes like Candy Apple Red or Sparkling Burgundy.

"I see a lot of vintage guitars in my shop. Most aerosols don't really come close to looking like the colors they are intended to. These ColorTone finishes nail the look of vintage beauties I've had on my bench."
—Erick Coleman
, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

ColorTone® Metallic Aerosols are the easiest way to spray a metallic finish. No metal powders to mix, and no clogged spray guns. Spray them over ColorTone White Vinyl Sealer. They can also be sprayed over smooth unfinished wood or grain filler. Spray additional coats of ColorTone Clear Aerosol Guitar Lacquer for a hard, durable finish with a deep gloss. Metallic coats should not be sanded.

13-ounce aerosol cans.

Tips for aerosol finishing
A guitar body typically requires 1 can of sealer, 1 can of color, and 4-6 cans of clear topcoat.

  • Use warm lacquer, not cold. Professionals spray warm lacquer to reduce spatters which require sanding. Warm your aerosol cans in a sink of warm tap water.
  • Spray multiple thin coats instead of one heavy coat.
  • Use sanding sealer to seal the wood and build up the finish before applying your color coats or clear topcoats. Sanding sealer is heavy-bodied; one coat equals two coats of lacquer. One or two cans of sealer is usually enough for an entire guitar. After building up the sealer coats, level sand with 320-grit paper to create a thin, flat surface for your color or clear coats.
  • Compared to professional spray guns, aerosols create a slightly rougher surface, so topcoats require more sanding of the clear topcoats to achieve a level surface.
  • Metallic coats should not be sanded. Spray clear coats over metallics to build a topcoat which can be sanded for a final, level surface.
  • Choose low humidity days for spraying. Dan Erlewine often recommends spraying outdoors on a clear dry day.

Our ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Kit is great for the first-time finisher. It includes sealer, gloss lacquer, polishing compounds and our Guitar Finishing Step-by-Step book.

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.


Product Instructions

Nitrocellulose Finishing Schedule

A step-by-step flow chart of nitrocellulose finishing.

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If your refinishing a gold top, this paint is the best on the market!


Verified Buyer

After several attempts from another paint supplier, and receiving "copper" paint. We ordered your antique gold. Not only was it the correct color, it has the correct grind. Looks great!


gold aerosol


Verified Buyer

i'm not a really experienced guitar painter i've painted a few but i thought gold might look cool. I followed the DVD wood filler, shellac, sanding sealer, let dry then the gold. it's a litttle tricky realize it's got color and metallic coming out at the same time! you have to shake the can a lot. my telecaster came out pretty good in no way does it look as good as the candy apple red paint job that was done by pat wilkins on my 89 speed monster neck through guitar but he would charge 100's of dollars to paint just a guitar body because it's more steps involved be that as it may I finished it. I used about 3/4 of the gold can and 3 and 1/2 of the clear. took about two weeks tricky part is when you go through and have to add more color you have to shake the can ALOT and pre spray on some paper otherwise you'll get a bit blotchy color i'm providing a picture of the body it's low light indoors you don't get the shine..


Well it is metallic looking...


Verified Buyer

I just tried the silver so far. I was hoping to be able to dispense with the bronzing type powders for a candy finish, but while this does look metallic, it does not recreate the effect of bronzing powders...

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