StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit

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StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5295
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StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5293
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5295-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Mahogany Back & Sides

Item # 5293-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Sitka Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5296
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Sitka Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5294
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Dovetail Neck, Torrefied Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5296-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Bolt-on Neck, Torrefied Top, Rosewood Back & Sides

Item # 5294-T
In stock, ready to ship!


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StewMac Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit

About This Item

Torrefied tops now available!
Build a great sounding dreadnought-size guitar from AAA-grade tonewoods. Start with the advantage of precision machining from our Ohio shop.

  • Carved mahogany neck
  • Accurately bent sides
  • Bookmatched back, joined and cut to shape
  • AAA spruce top with soundhole and rosette channel
  • Solid ebony fingerboard, bridge, and overlays

Designed with your success in mind
With the kit, you get a lot of help to make sure your guitar turns out great. The full-size blueprint is modeled after a prized vintage Martin, and shows exactly how every part fits. A sturdy cardboard body mold holds the guitar sides in the perfect contour as you build.

The instruction book is really a short course in guitarmaking, by luthiers Todd Sams and Dan Erlewine; no other kit has anything like it. Todd and Dan made the step-by-step DVD that's included with the kit, too (over $40 value). From start to finish, these guitarmakers guide you to a successful build.

You don't need a big shop
We've done the critical machining, so the neck joint and other parts fit well right from the start.

A slotted bone nut and shaped bone saddle are included, along with inlays, bindings and our two-way Hot Rod truss rod. (We know that tuning machines are something you'll prefer to choose for yourself.)

New torrefied spruce option
Choose a torrefied spruce top for the stability, tone and look of well-aged vintage wood. This high-temperature, low-oxygen kiln drying improves the wood, similar to decades of natural aging.

    Included in our kits:
  • Solid AAA tonewoods: spruce, rosewood and mahogany
  • Precisely machined neck joint at the 14-fret, dovetail or bolt-on
  • Bridge pins, end pin, frets, pickguard, bindings, rosette and trim
  • Hot Rod two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Precut heavy cardboard moldsĀ for trouble-free body assembly
  • Full-size blueprint and bracing template
  • Illustrated 36-page spiral-bound instruction book
  • Step-by-step DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit

View the complete parts list (PDF file 105KB).

What tools do you need to build this kit?
Our kit instructions has a complete list of all tools and supplies needed. We offer easy-to-order sets of the tools that kit builders find most useful.


Product Instructions

Dreadnought Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the Dreadnought Guitar Kit, including a recommended tool and supplies list.

John Calkin's Review of StewMac's Acoustic Guitar Kit

Luthier John Calkin built and reviewed our rosewood acoustic guitar kit for American Lutherie, the journal of the Guild of American Luthiers.

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Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Kit


Verified Buyer

I bought this kit to see if I could actually put a guitar together. The woods (Sitka Spruce Top, Rosewood back and sides) were all better than expected. With the video and the manual the directions are easy to follow. I am very pleased with the kit so far. I haven't finished yet, but am looking forward to doing so.


A challenging project.


Just beginning to get the necessary items (cauls etc) to begin construction. I have
Previously built 5 banjos using stewmac components and they were no nearly as
challenging as the dreadnaught appears to be. The instruction booklet and DVDs
Are very straight forward and easy to understand. I am eagerly looking forward
To getting further into the process.


Great price for a DIY Accoustic Guitar!


Verified Buyer

I bought this DIY kit because I wanted one to build for myself. I just got lucky to buy it when StewMac offered a big price break for their DIY kits! All in all, the wood quality is very good and I can't wait to start building this project soon.


Nice kit


Verified Buyer

I bought this kit (# 5294-T) on behalf of a friend wanting to build his first instrument.
I found the rosewood back nicely bookmatched and cleanly glued as was the torrefied top with the sides bent perfectly.
The neck was cnc'ed close enough to not worry about excess shaping but with enough material left to allow for custom shaping.
Components such as the fingerboard,head/tail block, faceplate, binding, shaped braces etc) were also of good quality.
I didn't watch the DVD but i'm sure it is of excellent quality as can always be expected from Stew Mac.
I flicked through the instructions and they seemed thorough enough to build a guitar using this kit. With 1, 2, or 3 pictures to a page is normal. More important elements like achieving the correct neck angle are dealt with nicely and finishing receives 2 full pages.
All in all- this is a good way to start building.


StewMac Acoustic kit


Verified Buyer

Great kit! The instructions are easy to follow, and the materials are top notch!


A Beautiful Instrument


Verified Buyer

I've been messing with guitars and fixing them for 15 years, built numerous electrics and one dreadnought from parts prior to ordering a Stewmac Kit a few years ago. It took me a year after it arrived to get around to building it. I ended up working the bracing a bit (after much study or the issue) and ordered a cream binding which gave it a classier finish. When I finally finished it and strung it up I was blown away with the sound.
My son-in-law bought it from me pretty well straight away. Between all my kids and I we have probably 6 or 7 $2000-$3000 guitars and this kit is every bit as good as any of them and better than some. I played it again just last weekend and it is truly a beautiful instrument. The tone is clear and bright with a purity and a richness not readily found in anything under $2000. I wish I hadn't sold it. Think I'll have to do another one soon.
As others will have noted, make haste slowly. The quality of the materials in the kit I received was excellent (save for the cheap looking black binding) and with care a very professional result is possible.


Dreadnought Rose Wood Kit


Verified Buyer

This is a great kit that will not disappoint even the most professional luthier! Great instructions and materials. I plan to order another as soon as I mostly complete this kit! Also, I'm sure you will love the friendly customer service!


Excellent first time build


Verified Buyer

It's been a few months since I finished the guitar and only got around to writing a review now, so I forgot some things I wanted to mention. It took about 6 months from beginning to end, but I took my time. Overall I am very satisfied with the result. I will build another when I get some time. Here are some of the things I remember while building:

There were a couple of small knots on the soundboard--one ended up being covered by the bridge but the other is visible. I am sure if I asked I would have gotten another one but I didn't want to deal with back and forth shipping. Not a huge deal but you may want to be aware of this if you're ordering a kit.

Like a lot of people mention make sure your neck is set right before gluing it on!

If you're building for the first time be aware of cost--the kit is one thing, but the tools are very expensive and will easily double or triple the cost.

Make sure you get a good chisel, especially for trimming the braces. And use a router to trim away the overhang on the top and bottom before routing out the binding channels. I started with a knife with bad results!

Do things slowly--always dry clamp first, and in some cases two or three times before committing to glue.

The fingerboard you will get will probably be rosewood. I expected ebony. Again not that big a deal, but I was slightly disappointed. The rosewood looks ok though.

The DVD is pretty good, as are the printed instructions. Some things that are obvious to me now were not addressed, so if you have any questions or are not sure about something ask first. Stewmac is very good about getting back to you quickly.

In the end I am very happy with my guitar. I've gotten lots of compliments before even mentioning that I built it myself!


Dreadnaught and 000 kits


Verified Buyer

These are great kits. Stew Mac products are first rate.


Building a dreadnaught for the first time


Verified Buyer

Well, this could be a looong story, but I'll cut it down to mere facts. First of all I have to say that I'm no skilled luthier, nor craftsman, but it's been a passion for me for quite a while to restore/refurbish vintage acoustic guitars. That said, the moment slowly arises - why not start from the beginning?
It's no secret that for a total beginner this project will be incalculable. It's fine that the kit comes with a video and assembly instructions. BUT though I know a little about the construction I do miss some more exact information. In other words more detailed "how-to-do". Nevertheless, it's a learning experience I don't want to do without. I'm looking forward to the day where it sings for the first time. Can't wait, actually. My rating reflects the instructions, not the materials.

Response from StewMac

We are happy to hear you are happy with the overall quality of the kit you received. If you have any questions or need any technical assistance, please let us know. Our tech department would be happy to assist you via email. Just use the "Contact Us" link on our website and choose "Technical Advice." - Spencer, Customer Support

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