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  • P-90 Pickup Cover

    P-90 Pickup Cover

    These plastic covers fit P-90 pickups in solid-body and semi-hollow body guitars.

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  • MXR 6" Patch Cables - 3 Pack

    MXR 6" Patch Cables - 3 Pack

    The best instrument cables you will never hear.
    MXR Patch Cables are built to deliver nothing but pure, crystal-clear tone. Oxygen-free copper conductors and spiral shields stop interference in its tracks. The low profile, right-angle plug is a huge space saver on your pedalboard and the rugged PVC outer jacket is built to withstand years of use and abuse on the road.

  • Dunlop Super Pots

    Dunlop Super Pots

    New high-performance, maintenance free volume/tone Super Pot Potentiometer. Made to last a lifetime!

  • Loknob Accessories

    Loknob Accessories

    Accessories for Loknobs with 3/4" outside diameters. Replacement adhesive Tape Rings and threaded Hi Heat Rings for rockin' hot performance situations.

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  • Loknob Universal Fit Locking Control Knob for Amps and Pedals

    Loknob Universal Fit Locking Control Knob for Amps and Pedals

    No more lost settings. LOK THEM IN!
    Adjust your effects, tone, or volume while protecting your settings during transport or at your next gig. Just pull up the Loknob®, twist into the new position, and release to 'lok' in your setting.

    from $7.99