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  • 9-Volt Battery Connector

    9-Volt Battery Connector

    Snap-on terminals for 9-volt active systems.

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  • Capacitors for Amps and Pedals

    Capacitors for Amps and Pedals

    This selection of caps is for building effects pedals and amplifiers. Also see our Ceramic Caps for Guitar.

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  • Pots for PC boards

    Pots for PC boards

    These high-quality potentiometers have right-angle lugs designed for soldering to printed circuit boards. Their compact size fits small spaces, such as effects pedals.

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  • Integrated Circuits

    Integrated Circuits

    An op-amp is voltage amplifier that serves a variety of purposes. In our Pedal Kits, the op-amp works in conjunction with the rectifier to shape the overdrive sound.

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  • StewMac Solder Monster

    StewMac Solder Monster

    Four helping hands, plus tool storage and safety vent
    The Solder Monster holds your work while you solder, with unique long tentacles to reach into guitar cavities. It grips tiny components or entire pickguards without scratching. Its built-in wire dispenser and tool storage rack keeps your bench neat and organized.